Termination Letters

Job Termination Letter

HRD Head and General Manager,

Alabama Tech Solutions Inc,

Alabama- 350121


June 03, 2011

David Brown,

Sales Executive,

Sales Department,

Dear Mr. Brown,

Sub- Termination of Job

Ref- Our Letter No. 1010/Warning/Dated May 10, 2011

In spite of several warnings given to you through reminder letters you have not been able comply with the warnings. During last two months you have been so irregular with the job in the company for which you were also sent several warning letters. Instead of telling the reason to the company, you still continued to abstain from the job quite frequently.

You have also been not able to perform up to the mark. Noticing such negligence towards the job we have decided that you are not going to be providing your services as Sales Executive in our company for any longer. As a result, your job is getting terminated from June 10, 2011.

Company wishes you all the best for your future.

Thank You,

Yours Truly,

Richard Davis

HRD Head and General Manager

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