Condolence Letters

Official Condolence Letter


Mr. Turner,


HUR companies ltd.


The family and friends of Jones Smith

Dear people,

I, Mr. Turner, am writing this letter on behalf of the entire organization to express deep condolences on the untimely death of Jones Smith. Jones has been associated with our organization for more than 6 six years by now and had always been an excellent person to work with. He was a very true person with a golden heart and has always been there for the organization even in the most testing times. The man was never a person of pretence and deceit; and may be this might be the reason that the Almighty even wanted him in His presence.

Jones will be sorely missed by the organization, especially by the department in which he served. We know that there cannot be any amendment to the loss which has been incurred by Lord, but even then the organization will always be there. Let this letter bring some relief in the painful times.


Mr. Turner.

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