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Congratulate A Colleague Letter


Melissa McCauniggle.


Harry Smithson.

Dear Harry,

It was very happy to hear that you have been engaged. You never let us know that you are going to get in a relationship. Nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the occasion of you engagement with Monica. I hope for all the good things coming forward to you on your personal front and wish you as well as Monica a very happy life ahead.

So, what are the plans about the wedding? Has the date been fixed or it is yet to be finalised? Let me know in the reply to this letter. Do not hesitate to take any sorts of help from me in the arrangements to be made for the marriage. I am more than willing to help one of my best colleagues. The wedding plans can take a toll. So do take good care of your health. Keep in touch.


Melissa McCauniggle.

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