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Media Sponsorship Request Letter


Ms Collins,

Regional manager,

STC network


Mr Modi,

GPL commissioner

Dear Mr Modi,

I, Ms Collins, the regional manager of the STC network, am writing this letter for requesting to be a part of the tournament which you have been organising for every year since a period of last 5 years, the GPL (Grand Premier League). The tournament has been a hit on the local level and we desire to become a part of the tournament and take it to the next level of grandness. We desire to be the media sponsors for the event to be held this year.

We are equipped with immense amenities and shall be successful to take this tournament to further popularity level. The details of the media sponsorship deal are enclosed along with the letter. Further amendments shall be made to the clauses of the deal in the meetings which shall follow, if the request falls in the favourable context. Hoping for a quick and favourable response,

Yours truly,

Ms Collins

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