Resignation Letters

Good Resignation Letter


Jacob Smith,

Junior sales manager


Mrs Stroke,

Sales manager

Dear Mrs Stroke,

I, Jacob Smith, the junior sales manager of the YBZ mall, am writing this letter to convey you the fact that I am resigning from the post of the junior manager. This might come as a shock for you that I have been s excited for my job and I am resigning so soon. The reason for my resignation cannot be disclosed on such an official platform, since it has a personal bearing.

I would like to mention it was a great fun to be working with the entire staff, especially under you. It was a great learning also for me as a junior manager under the expert supervision which you provided. I have completed all my obligations prior to the resignation and I hope that I shall be remembered in the good boos for everyone with whom I worked. Hoping for the better future for the mall and its staff,

Signing off,

Yours sincerely,

Jacob Smith

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Resignation Letters

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