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Love Letters of Great Men and Women

Wanting to write a letter to your lover but don’t seem to know how to start? Books like “Love Letters of Great Men and Women” contain a wonderful collection of timeless love letters from Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Vincent Van Gogh, Napoleon Bonaparte, John Keats to Winston Churchill. Reading such a book will not just inspire and help you find those opening lines, but they could as well give you a glimpse of how important expression is.

Throughout ages, sonnets never fail to capture young lovers’ hearts. But behind those romantic poems and songs, do you know what inspired these writers and authors to write such pieces? Behind those quixotic lines, do you have an idea how the most important love letters in history were written. You don’t have to look too far, because more than anything else, a love letter is merely a written means of expressing love – love and the need to express it come what the situation may, be it in a prison or in a war, in a deathbed or in a luxury suite. Great men and women always find a way to write and express their love for someone.

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