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Missing you love letter

A love letter expressing deep love for a person takes time to write and think about. The words must be chosen carefully to generate a positive feeling and reaction from the one reading it. Missing someone could cause a person anxiety and a general feeling of incompleteness. It is such a terrible feeling when the person you love is not by your side. 

I write this letter hoping that I could somehow share my longing for you. Every day I wish to see your face again. I feel like I am going out of my mind when I don’t see you. I need you in my life because without you there is just no hope for me. I tell you in my simple letter that I believe with all my heart that my sun shines on your face. You give me reason to wake up in the morning. I feel terrible when you are not around.

It seems that you have taken a big part of me and I cannot function efficiently with you. A part of me is missing when you are not beside me. The sun does not shine as bright when you are not here. Wherever you may be, my heart wants to be there too.

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