Love Letters

Love Letters of Great Men

Just like any letter, a love letter can be written in different style, structure or format. Throughout time, it has evolved from sonnets to poems to songs and even to paintings. Different men of different magnitude each have their own way of writing and expressing their innermost feelings.

Some love letters of great men continue to inspire writers and have been very good emotional theme examples for the aspiring ones. Of course, the sonnets of Shakespeare would be on top of anybody’s list. But also, one might find it entertaining to read some other fine men’s love letters just like Voltaire’s. Imprisoned because of a forbidden love, Voltaire wrote “The Hague 1713” for his lover before he escaped out of his cell.

“Les Miserables” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” forever immortalized Victor Hugo. But long before he became a dramatist and a novelist, he used to fill his notebooks with poetry. His love letters – to his childhood friend Adele and to his wife Juliette – are preserved and are available for everyone for free.

One of England’s most notorious womanizers, Lord Byron captivated the hearts of many women through his love letters and poetry. Already a world-famous poet at the age of 24, Lord Byron goes on to write the world renowned pieces “Don Juan” and “Prophecy of Dante.”

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