Letter of Intents

Letter Of Intent Law


Philip Morris,

40th Matrix Avenue,

New Jersey 03760


Vicky Hamilton,

Fast-Food Donuts Pvt. Ltd.,

New Jersey 04672

Dear Ms. Vicky,

I would like to inform you, at this given point of time, that my intent given to you on establishing new business together with reference to letter dated 20th of March, 2011, has a legal binding.  There is special law governing the intent by a person to any group, company, or individual.  There will be financial penalty if your company does not obey the said law.  This law makes us very secure about the intent being diverted to any third party and might lead to damaging the original intent provided by the person who made it first.

There is clear cut mentioning in the law that you cannot even discuss the details with any outsiders regarding my intent.  I certainly would hope that every point will be safeguarded in my favor so that there is no breach of intent anyhow.

I would be happy to get your response on my intent to have a business module within the stipulated timeframe mentioned earlier.

Yours Sincerely,

Philip Morris

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