Letter of Intents

Contract Letter Of Intent


Lewis Matrix,

Color-Plus Cartridges Trading,

Wisconsin 52274


William Tax,

Ultra Printing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

New Jersey 04560

Dear Mr. William,

I am, Lewis Matrix, delighted to have communication with your company at this point in time.  We are dealers/traders of providing quality cartridges for the printing industry since many months now.  We have with us reputed and top printing companies as our esteemed clients.  We are looking ahead to bring in new markets where our presence is not felt yet.  We came to know about your company being in this industry with high reputation.

We are hoping to get into business with your co. on a contractual basis for at least a period of 1 year.  You can expect us to deliver quality material, support, and services to your company at any given point of time during contract period.

I certainly would like to listen from you very soon in this regard after your co. had thorough check on our past performances with our clients.  Any details or information required for that matter will be provided to your organization without any delay.

Yours Truly,

Lewis Matrix

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