Hardship Letters

Lender Hardship Letter


Tom Cruise,

New York 50026


Chris Watson,

Independent Lenders Bank,

North Carolina 52275

Dear Mr. Chris,

I, Tom Cruise, would like to bring to your notice that I am pleased to have communication with your organization at this point of time.  There have been many instances wherein I have approached a couple of lenders for my project since few months now.  I came to know about your organization through my friend, Christ Donald, who is also one of your clients. He is very satisfied and also appreciative about your organization’s active involvement in projects.  It would be of great help if I get your organization to fund my project and lend for a period of at least 2 years considering the project details which I have made available with this letter.

To being with, I would be glad to become your esteemed client considering that I have no defaults in my entire life.  Your response towards my project would be deeply awaited.  Hope to make another communication with you in order to execute hardship of lender requirement.

Yours Sincerely,

Tom Cruise

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