Hardship Letters

Perfect Hardship Letter


Terrance Obama,

Prime Underprivileged Society,

Wisconsin 53064


John Bolton,

Jersey Group Of Companies,

North Carolina 54475

Dear Mr. John,

It is to my satisfaction to make reachable to you on behalf of my society for a perfect hardship.  Since we are dealing with underprivileged members in most of the states of USA, I would like you to take an initiative to spearhead our new agenda for specific members of the society i.e. malnutrition of children.  Your support in this direction will be of great help to maintain the quality of the children of a certain age group.

Looking at your time constraint, we will like to take your efforts for specific functions which are going to happen in near vicinity and will be of short distance for your approach. I hope you are going to consider it since you have been associated with many other such organizations for a better cause and also bring in new changes which the world is awaiting for.  Your confirmation is deeply awaited for this perfect hardship.

Yours Truly,

Terrance Obama

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