Hardship Letters

Importance Of The Short Sale Hardship Letter


Brandon Simpson,

New York 52366


Prince Williams,

Mortgage Finance Company,

New York 52990

Dear Mr. Prince,

It is high time that I convey a message to you to avoid any further losses that might occur during the sale of my home.  There has been consistent decline in the value of my home and, on top of it, I have to repay the mortgage amount which seems to be very much burden in my life now a days.  Short sale will definitely give you an advantage to a situation which might get worse considering the current trend.  So, I would like you to take the necessary steps very swiftly so that we both can be benefited by averting any further losses.

Since I had good years of relationship with your company, I would hope that you consider this to your advantage.  I will definitely help you out in every possible dealing that will make sure the situation gets due credit.  Hope, I get your response in this matter very soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Brandon Simpson

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