Hardship Letters

Lower Interest Rate Hardship Letter


Kathy Brit,

New York 54246


Alwin Pereira,

Asian Development Bank,

North Carolina 50775

Dear Alwin,

This is to your notice that I, Kathy Brit, had taken a loan from your bank 2 years back for my business of salon expansion. Since then there has been economic worries all over our country and, therefore, my business has caught in that act and is suffering from losses. To minimize this kind of suffering, I would like your company to make some changes in interest rate and lower to an extent that I could easily maintain repayment terms.

As business trend in general seems to be getting worse, I would therefore require your company intervention towards interest rate appeal. It would be of great help to do business without the fear of getting out of gear considering the competition is stiff and profit margins are getting diminished. I positively look forward for your support, and your efforts towards my problem will be appraised and will be paid off well after economy goes up.

Yours Sincerely,

Kathy Brit

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