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Legal Demand Letter

Name of Sender,

Address of Sender,


Name of Recipient,

Address of Recipient,

Dear Mr.

Sub- Legal Demand of the money that you owe to me

Ref- Invoice No. 0097/Dated 04/10/2011

Under the Act (mention the section and Act applicable to the demand under the state Laws and Provisions) I hereby demand for $5000 due to me on the invoice as mentioned in the reference.

I have already sent you several reminders for the money but your denial to clear the invoice has made me to send you a legal notice for the money due on you.

I give you 15 days to clear my invoice after this letter reaches you. I hope you will take a prompt action to clear this invoice and will avoid further legal action on you.

On the other hand if you fail to clear the invoice within the said duration you will be liable to legal suit against you.

Thank You,


Name of Sender

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