Cancellation Letters

Lease Agreement Cancellation Letter


Joseph Charles

123 Mail Block Street

House No. 2, Red Building

Buckingham, UK

10TH August 2012

Subject: Lease agreement cancellation letter for bungalow no. 14.

Dear Charles,

This letter is to notify you that I wish to cancel the lease agreement which we entered in October 2010 for the lease of my bungalow number 14, situated at Orchard Street. As per the agreement the mentioned bungalow was leased to you for a period of two year starting from 1st of October, 2010.

The reason behind the cancellation of this lease agreement is unavoidable as my son is getting married in the month of October this year and I need this bungalow for him and his wife. I was not aware of this sudden occasion and I understand the inconveniences that you may have to go through.

As per the agreement, I am giving you a time period of 30 days starting from 1st of September to vacate the bungalow. You are kindly requested to vacate the place latest by 30th of September, 2012. Once the property is handed over in a proper condition, your security deposit of $200 will be paid back to you.

Please let me know if you wish to have any other details or have any queries. I hope you will understand by condition and will cooperate.

Thanking you!


Winn Joe

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