Job Letters

Job Resignation Letter


Wills Samuel,

General Manager, Agility Industries,

31- Fame Street, London,


1st March 2012

Subject: Resignation Letter.

Respected Sir,

I would like to inform you with deep grievance that I am leaving my job from the position of Sr. Engineer. Kindly accept this as a notice of my resignation effective from 23rd March 2012.

I am shifting in Auckland, New Zealand due to some personal reasons and thus I have to resign from my current position. I am very thankful to the organization for giving me this respectable job. I have learned a lot from my work and colleagues. Thank you for the opportunities in my career that I have gained in last five years. It has made a remarkable marking in my career.

I would be glad if I could be helpful to organization during my transition period and I will surely complete my pending work. Hope you will accept my resignation. I wish that this organization achieve more and more success in future.

Yours respectfully,

Samantha Brown.

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