Congratulations Letters

Job Acceptance Congratulations Letter


Dear Samantha,

I learned from your mom that you have landed a job at the Global Media Productions as a Travel Journalist. I was so thrilled to hear the great news. Indeed your dream of traveling while doing your passion for writing and photography has finally been achieved. I know you will be an asset to your team.

Global Media Quest is on the right track for hiring you. You have the talent, the zest, and the drive to produce the best travel documentaries that they can ask for. Not to mention your sharp keen to details and perfection when it comes to photography. I’m sure the job interviewer did not have second thoughts upon seeing your credentials: graduated with honors from a reputable university and the rich portfolio of your travels to not so known but explicitly beautiful places. They found a treasure in you and for sure you will give them treasures of travel stories that will heighten the interest of their clients.

Go girl you can reach the top of the world!

Warm regards,


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