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Congratulations Letter Birth


Dear Susan,

Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy – Angela. What a beautiful name!

I would like to share in your happiness. There is nothing more exciting and precious than having a baby in the family. This is the realization of womanhood . . .  becoming a mother. A princess to love and watch adoringly as Angela blossoms each day. Her first smile that will make you ponder how beautiful the world is. Her cooing that will be music to your ears. Watching her sleep will make you stop and think that silence is the language of love. And while holding her tight, you will realize that a life is borne from you and the bond will never be broken through eternity.

Cherish all the moments that you have with your child. Remember you can’t rewind the great moments in Angela’s growing up years – her first step, her first word, her first hearty laugh and most of all her first sentence when she says I LOVE YOU MOM.

May you and Angela be blessed even more.



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