Agreement Letters

Investment Agreement Letter


Ms Lily Andrews

993 Red Brick Lane


July 25, 2012

Subject: Agreement letter regarding investment in King’s Land Bank

Dear Ms Andrews,

We are very pleased to have you as our customer and based on the discussion we had over the telephone, I would like to lay down the basic terms and conditions regarding your investment plans with our bank. You had already spoken to our customer service executive and investment portfolio expert Mr. Jake Brigance and continuing the topic, I would like to add a few more things in this investment agreement letter.

You will be investing 25,000 pounds in a 5-year fixed deposit at an interest rate of 9.5% per annum. You will also invest 25,000 pounds in a 10-year money back scheme with an interest rate of 10.2% per annum. At the end of the investment term, you will get back your principal amount and the interest amount that will be accumulated every year. If you break any of the investment accounts before the term ends, you will receive your principal amount and the amount accumulated through interest up to that point. Your investment date for both accounts shall be August 1, 2012.

If you are satisfied with the terms, do reply to me.

Yours truly,

Robert Walters

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