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Interview Appointment Letter

Dear Prof. David Martin:

I am a senior Journalism student at the University of New York, and I am working on my thesis this semester. My thesis is about the agenda setting effects of national dailies among policy makers. This concerns government offices that are tasked to come up with policies, but my thesis adviser asked me to interview an expert in agenda setting.

My thesis adviser told me that you have written a number of journal articles about agenda setting, and I would like to seek your help by serving as one of my interviewees for my thesis. I know your expertise in the said subject matter could help me map out my thesis.

In line with this, I would like to set an appointment with you at the time and date you are free. If you have question, you can directly contact me through my mobile phone number (236-854-7596).

Thank you, and I am hoping for your favorable response.


Kimberly Walter

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