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Letter to Request Correction on your Taxes

Sarah Carter

Complaints Manager

Tax Credit Office

12 Amber St

Richmond, CA

September 11, 2010

Dear Ma’am:

I would like to call your attention for the seemingly full of errors computation of my taxes for this year as reflected in my income tax documents. I think your office failed to consider that I am a single mother raising three children. As far as I know, my fees should be reduced, but the tax that your office has been collecting from my income is not accurate. My TIN is 253-86547-85254, and you can check the appended pertinent documents to check my claim. I have attached copies of the birth certificates of my children as well.

I hope you can quickly act on my complaint. My email address is You can also reach me through my mobile phone number: 187-854-896.

Sincerely yours,

Karen Carter

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