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Interpersonal Skills Cover Letter

Mr. Gilbert Smith

Human Resource Manager

Wonder Studios, Ltd.

Suite 32, 1408 South Madison Avenue

Appleton, WV 62549

Dear Mr. Jones:

It is with your organization that desire to offer my nearly 12 years of marketing management expertise and resourceful insight in strategic marketing methodologies. Having a strong background of utilizing a variety of direct response advertising materials, I am certain that my skills and experience, when linked with the vision of your company, will serve to create dramatic profitable results.

As the Marketing Director for XYZ Publications, I am considerably energized by opportunities in overcoming promotional boundaries as I continue to ensure that our lines receive the best representation in achieving new customer acquisition and creating brand awareness through direct marketing efforts. With full accountability for over a multimillion budget, I currently offer significant contributions in revenue growth through visible skills in the tactical planning of pricing, packaging and distribution, as well as offer strategies and mail planning.

Having a natural interpersonal ability, I have acquired a solid reputation for effective networking and strategic alliance building among crucial industry resources. In providing a solution driven leadership style during the acquisition of XYZ Publications, I was able to build and mobilize highly effective marketing programs that encouraged profit achievements for this group’s largest financial continuity program.

As there is considerably more to relate, I look forward to our meeting and discussion regarding how I might assist the design needs and further advance the visibility of your company.


Josh Arenas

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