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Interior Design Cover Letter

Dr. Tony Hopkins

Human Resource Specialist

Space Designs, Inc.

Room 403 Building 27 Wright Avenue

Lexington, KY 40502

Dear Dr. Hopkins: 

Sir Arthur Jones, Professor of Interior Design at American School of Interior Design and former senior interior designer at Space Designs, Inc., suggested that I contact you concerning a job opening in your division. I have heard about the very positive working environment there in Space Designs, Inc., your very progressive approach to meeting the needs of your client community, and a lot more wonderful things about your company. Joining such a forward-thinking company with a very distinct reputation would be very exciting.

As a student at Jonathan Adler School of Interior Design, with an emphasis in Interior Architecture, I have completed courses in Color Theory, Ergonometric and Space Planning, Decorative Arts, Basic and Advanced Computer Aided Design. My teamwork skills have been honed and developed through class projects and leadership through serving as President of John F. Kennedy Residence Hall. This past spring I, alongside two other colleagues, completed a couple of design projects working with Innovative Designs Co., which proved to be a valuable experience. 

Although the enclosed resume provides a fine summary of my background and experience, I would like to arrange to meet with you to discuss my qualifications along with other matters regarding this position. Please call or contact me at your earliest available time to schedule an appointment. Thank you for sparing a portion of your time reading my letter.


Jean Claude Piecrust

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