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Health Care Cover Letter

Albert Finnigan

St. Francis Hospital

8765 Waterfront Rd.

Centerville, AL 09801

Dear Mr. Finnigan,

It was with great pleasure that I have learned that you are looking for an ICU Staff Nurse. As my expertise is directly inclined to this opportunity and my credentials are more than satisfactory to meet your requirements, I would like to express my desire to be part of your staff.

I know that as a successful healthcare system, St. Francis Hospital is looking for a professional and self-motivated nurse to assist a wide range of patients. My experience has given me not only an excellent knowledge of ICU practices but more importantly, of acute patient care, family relations, and many other relevant skills needed for an efficient staff member.

As an experienced nurse, I have an in-depth knowledge in administering assessments, treatments, and referrals for various patients. I have also in the recent years, obtained awards for excellent performance and dedication and frequently receive commendations for providing exceptional care.

I am certain that I can make a substantial contribution to St. Francis Hospital through my excellent organizational skills coupled with my strong initiative and will. It would be my honor to contribute to the healthcare community, especially the patients and their families through serving as a nurse in your hospital.

Attached herewith is my resume for your perusal. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience so I may further discuss with you how my skills and qualifications can best serve your hospital.


Laurie Riddle


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