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Job Application Cover Letter Template

Your Address

City, Province

Postal Code

Employer’s name

Employer’s position or title

Organization name

City, Province

Postal Code

Dear [Employer’s name]:

Re: Competition number and title, if applicable

Opening Paragraph

State your purpose for writing.  Inform how you learned about the career and/or why you are applying. What is it about the job or company that interests you? 

Middle Paragraph

Emphasize specific knowledge and skills that make you a strong candidate for the job. Do not repeat the information that is in your resume word for word. Summarize instead, then emphasize particular strengths you have to offer that are relevant to the job. Do not emphasize how the opportunity will benefit you, even if it will. Reflect like an employer. Make it apparent how you can promote the organization.

Closing Paragraph

Describe in assertive, positive language what you expect will happen or what you plan to do next.  If you are responding to an ad, include a statement such as “I look forward to meeting you to discuss what I can offer your organization.” If you are sending an unsolicited resume, write something like “I will contact you early in the week to set up an appointment with you. I look forward to discussing possible employment with (name of organization).” If you feel it would be to your advantage, mention your immediate availability or your willingness to travel or relocate. Indicate that you have enclosed or attached your resume.

Sincerely, (or Best Regards)

(printed or faxed copy signed)

Your name

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