Claim Letters

Insurance Claim Letter


Patrick Patton

#346, Springfield Blvd.

San Diego, CA

Date: 18-12-2011

Subject: Insurance claim letter

Dear Mr. Patton

I am writing this letter to you to claim for my car repair after an accident. The insurance policy number of my car is HB78965. There are some major damages on my car, whose details are as follows:

On 15th December 2011, I was driving through Springfield lane when a car with failed brakes smashed on the bonnet of my car. Although the lady driving that car was driving correctly but due to her failed brakes this accident happened in which front portion of my car got damaged. I have attached necessary documents for this claim with this letter for your perusal.

I’ll appreciate if you look into this matter and reimburse the money that I would have to spend on the repair of my car as soon as possible.

Yours’ sincerely

Mr. William Johnson

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