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Hospital Insurance Appeal Letter


Mr Black,

E -2, Winston Boulevard,



Ms Lavender,

Insurance Agent,

ICUC Insurance Ltd,


Dear Ms Lavender,

This letter is an appeal from me to help me claim and fetch the insurance amount. I have done my health insurance on the date of 15 August, 2010. My health insurance policy number is E34TRD3498. I have suffered a heart attack and I am recently going through the recovery process in the St Mary Hospital, which has been included in the hospital list of ICUC Insurance Ltd.

The details of my health and the necessary reports have been enclosed along with this letter. I appeal you to claim for insurance on behalf of me. I have taken permission from the hospital authorities for inspection from the insurance company and hence, if required to be done, please make it happen at the earliest. I appeal to the insurance firm to provide support to me in this time of calamity and help me fetch my health insurance amount at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Black

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