Hardship Letters

Hardship Letter Example


Tim Supple

Mary Ann Apartments

43 Green Tree Lane

North Dakota, South Carolina 7890

Dated: 3rd of May 2012

Dear Tim,

I am going through a terrible phase in my life and thought of informing you about it as you are my best friend.

I see that all my friends are doing very well in their career. I feel very happy thinking about that but at the same time I regret thinking that my career is not shaping up due to personal problems. As you are aware that I always wanted to be a writer and go to Holly Wood to make my career. But, due to the failing health of my mother I am unable to go. As a result I am penniless to. I would request you to help me in such a situation and lend me some money to see myself off till my mother recover and I leave for Holly Wood.

Yours friend,

Neil Feel



Hardship Letters

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