Hardship Letters

Hardship Affidavit Letter


Rick Martin

Chief Advocate

Universal Law Firm

534 Spencer High Road

Carolina, Los Angeles 3490

Dated: 12th of April 2012

Respected Mr. Martin,

I am writing this letter to explain you about the hardship affidavit situation that I am facing. The reason for this hardship has been caused due to my divorce and the mortgage loan that we had taken together.

When we were married we had taken a mortgage loan for which both my wife and I were borrowers. After divorce, the house came under my custody and so now I have to make my installment payment on behalf of both. It is becoming really unaffordable for me as I have to pay the complete interest amount and also the Government taxes.

I hope you understand the kind of hardship I am in. It would be great if you could help me to convince the bank to go for a loan modification.

Thanking you,

Doris Glenn.

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