Grievance Letters

Grievance redressal letter


Dwayne Johnson

Grievance department head

New York Municipal Corporation

56 Yankee Doodle Street,

New York, New Jersey 3467

Dated: 10th of April 2012

Subject: Grievance redressal letter

Respected Mr. Johnson,

This letter is in regards to the problem we are facing at our locality. I would like to make a complaint in regards to that.

There used to be a garbage bin outside our house which was a common garbage bin for all the residents of the locality. But last month the garbage bin has been removed by the officials of New York Municipal Corporation. A number of requests had been sent from the residents of our locality to replace the bin. But no action has been taken. As a result we don’t have to have proper place to dump the garbage of our house.

I request you to take an action immediately for our convenience. I am enclosing my contact details with the letter.


Roger Moore

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