Charity Letters

Goods Charity Letter


Mrs Braganza,


Wilson High School,



Students and Staff,

Wilson High School,


Dear people,

I, Mrs Braganza, principal of Wilson High School, am drafting this letter for a special reason. The school authorities have organised a goods charity event for Dawn Orphanage. I appeal everyone associated to the school to help this event become successful. Orphans are an integral part of our society and they have equal rights like us to live life to the fullest. However, many of them are denied so. We are putting in a humble endeavour to help these kids live a dignified and tasteful life.

So, come forward with almost anything like some toys, reading books, story books, etc which shall help fill some bright colours in the life of these kids. I urge you all to gather as much support for this endeavour as possible from your relatives, friends and other people around you. Help yourself and school feel pride for doing such a humble but noble deed.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Braganza

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