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Books Charity Letter


Mr Lawrence,


Imperial College of Medical Studies,



Students and Staff,

Imperial College of Medical Studies,


Dear people,

This letter has surfaced for the fulfilment of some special intent. The college authorities have organised an event of book charity wherein the books collected would be given to Budding Talents orphanage. Books are oceans of knowledge and you people are mature enough to know this. Even a single book can change the course of thinking of a child, can help him explore the talent within; can make anyone and everyone a better person.

The orphan kids have every right to live a dignified life us and this help from us will be a substantial step in this direction. So, I urge everyone associated with the college to bring in the books which lie idle in your bookshelves and help illuminate a mind and a soul. The appeal also extends to get as much support as possible for making this book charity event a big success. Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Lawrence

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