General Letters

General Letter


Tom Moody

Hygiene Department Head

New York Municipal Corporation

89 Indiana Polish Road

New York, New Jersey 4523

Dated: 4th of April 2012

Respected Mr. Moody,

This letter is in regards to the stray dogs in our locality. I would like to make a complaint about the issues that we are facing due to these stray dogs.

I am a resident of Aspen High Street and there are number of stray dogs in our locality. The peace and hygiene of the locality is being affected due to these stray dogs. These dogs are not vaccinated and it can be fatal if they bite any of the residential. Above that these stray dogs also need care and proper health treatment. I would like to request you to make an arrangement to get these dogs picked up by the municipal corporation and transported to an animal shelter.

I believe that you would look forward to my request and take immediate action.

Thanking you,

Justin Langer

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