Christmas Letters

Funny Christmas letter

Mr. Barry Newman

Rochester, New York 14604

December 22, 2010

Mr. Aldrin Armstrong

123 Virginia Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Aldrin,

I wanted you to receive the greatest gift you asked for this Christmas, so I wrote Santa Claus and told him that you were good all year.  Last night, a reindeer dropped a letter through our chimney with a message from Santa in reply.  He wrote simply, “Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho!”

I guess it takes more than a letter from me to get you off that naughty list, dear friend.  So here I am, writing a letter to you to greet you this Christmas.  Considering how busy I am and we have not seen each other for five years, I believe this is the best gift you could ever have!

Have a happy and wonderful Christmas! May Santa still give you that gift you have been longing for since college and save you from singlehood.



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