Christmas Letters

Simple Christmas letter

Mr. Neil Taft

Sacramento, California 95814

December 18, 2010

Mr. Mark Gibson

345 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Dear Mark,

Christmas is just around the corner and let my greetings reach you before it comes to pass.  You are one of the dearest friends I have and I want to tell you how much your friendship means to me.  Oftentimes, we take people for granted and forget to tell them how much we care 364 days of the year.  So this Christmas, I don’t want to let the opportunity pass to express my warmest feelings for a dear friend.

I wish you and your family will have a merry Christmas with relatives and friends.  I am sure you are already blessed with happiness and your dreams have already been fulfilled with a great family and job.  But I hope the Lord continues to shower you and your family with blessings in the coming years.



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