Christmas Letters

Formal Christmas letter

Ms. Evelyn Aguilera


Portland School

December 15, 2010

Mr. Franklin Bundy


Excellence Company

Portland, Oregon 97201

Dear Mr. Bundy,

Christmas is a time to commemorate the birth of our Lord Jesus.  It is a time of love, giving, and sharing.  This Christmas, we want to give you our thanks for supporting our school’s activities and for constantly sharing your company’s blessings to us.

Let this letter serve as our small and simple way of showing you our love and respect for the help you have extended us.  It will be our pleasure if you would also oblige us by attending a Christmas dinner the school will be having on December 20.  The students have prepared presentations to also express their thanks.

May you have a blessed Christmas and may the Lord keep you and your family in good health always.


Evelyn Aguilera

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