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Funny Break up Letter

Ending a relationship is not a funny affair. However, you can always end it in a funnier version with a letter filled with humor. With a funny break up letter, your soon to be ex girlfriend will be laughing her/his tears out.

Here is an example of a funny break up letter.

Dear Kate,

Can I break up with you? I would really appreciate it if you say yes to my question because I need to be a single guy again. As you can see, I have always had my eye on many women and it has been my tradition to share my love with various beauties.

Since I met you, I have broken my tradition. You have fixed my eyes into yours and have kept me into deep seclusion. My heart became exclusively yours and I have never longed for any other women since then. However, I have decided that I have loved you so much that my sexy body and amazing looks can no longer handle. My love for you has slowly turned me into a sloth thus making my looks quite exclusive. I want other women to benefit from what God has given me.

Love you,


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