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For most people, healing from a relationship break-up can be as hard as any task could ever be. Some never recover at all, carrying throughout their lifetime the pains and the burdens it has caused. Some people develop fear or trauma of getting into another relationship again, or being close to someone for that matter.

The feeling of loss oftentimes can be very distressing – the separation, the realization that you are no longer a part of each other’s lives, thoughts and emotions. But life must go on and you must find to get this out of your system, to get everything behind you and move on.

The first thing you should keep in your head is being patient. Healing takes indefinite time. And during this time, remember that it’s natural to grieve and cry, after all, you’re still only human.

Make yourself busy and don’t let daydreaming get into your schedule. You could find a job, or focus on your hobby instead. You could also enroll into a gym or some workout classes. Exercising would not just keep you busy but could also keep you fit and healthy and in the process improving your self-esteem as well.

Go out, socialize and meet other people. Go to a concert or even to a park, take a class and join a club. Allow new people to get into your life and somehow replace the connections you had with your lover even for a while. Reconnect with your friends and family, especially the old ones; this may be the time that you need them the most.

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