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Breaking up Letter

Breaking up is a big decision. Telling your girlfriend or boyfriend about this decision can be a scary moment. One way to lessen the blow and at the same time keep your feelings real is by writing a break up letter.

Here is an example of a breaking up letter.

Dear Keith,

I want to keep things straight to the point. I am writing this letter to break up with you. You probably know the reason why and I no longer have to explain further. I do not have the strength to break up with you personally because I know that I have the weaker heart in our relationship.

Tomorrow at 2:30 pm, I will be picking up my things at your apartment. Please leave the keys on top of the second floor fire extinguisher. I would appreciate it if you can sort out my bed sheets and some things in your apartment that I own including my gaming console. I would also be glad if you will not be around on your apartment by the time I pick up my stuff. Seeing your face makes me vomit in disgust. It would be best that we will limit our relationship with friendship.

Sincerely yours.


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