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Break Up Letters

Breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend is a difficult task. One way to break up with lesser gravity is by writing a break up letter.  These letters cannot actually take the pain away but it can soften the process. Writing break up letters is so much better than saying nothing at all.

Dear Claire,

You are one of the best gifts that I have received in my life. Every moment that I have spent with you were some of the best times that I’ve had. You are a one of a kind person that I shall treasure forever. I will never forget that time when you agreed to be my girlfriend. The moment you said yes made me the happiest man on earth.

Today, I am going back to London. I really wish that I could bring you with me but as fate dictates it, I cannot keep you in my arms forever. I shall let go of you and hope that nothing between our feelings shall change. Although my relocation is temporary, I am willing to let you go for your own sake. I do not want you to miss me for so long because this can be an agony on your part. I will not stop writing to you until I can find my way back to your lips.

Lots of love,


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