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Funny Break up Letters

Keeping humor into your love life is essential. It is one way to keep the flame burning and steam up your adrenaline for love. Making funny break up letters is also one way to bring a happy ending to your relationship. Although writing funny letters can sometimes be difficult, but they always bring the best impact in your life.

Dear Melanie,

“Your lips like sugar, your face like a jaguar.” I will never forget this line on the first poem you made me when we were ten. This was the very sentence that made me fall in love with you because it depicted honesty and honesty depicts love.

My love for you is monumental. Since that day you said yes to me, I have changed into a much better person. I know longer looked like the jaguar that you used to picture me with. Today, I feel like a lion ready to offer his life to his lioness. I could roar with love on top of the tallest mountain for you.

However, I already feel that I have loved you too much. So much, that I even forget that I have my own life. Therefore, I think it is best for me to break up with you. Thank you very much.

Lovingly yours,


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