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Greetings of peace my friend!

How are you? We and the whole family would like to extend our warmest greetings to you as well as your family. We and your family have been family friends for the last 17 months and we are so blessed to have you during our ups and downs.

This month was not a very good month for business due to the global financial crisis. A lot of business and investment had their financial turmoil as well as the country’s economic status. However, this economic crisis isn’t a bad time to invest after all since our state isn’t that badly affected by the economic crisis.

Investing here in Colorado isn’t a bad idea after all since the local economy is at boom here unlike other states in the United States. It was indeed a pleasure doing business with you my friend and I hope you would not take this advice for granted. Hope to hear from you soon!

Your dearest friend,

Mark Nelson Cruz

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