Friendship Letters

Friendship Letter Format


Dear (name of friend)

(Body of the letter) First paragraph. The first paragraph is the introduction portion. The sender will let the receiver his intention of writing. In the first paragraph, it is usually the portion where one will make a greeting and would ask the recipient on how they are doing. Included also in the introduction is the inquiry of the sender about the recipient’s health and if it is a reply letter about the receipt of the previous letter.

Second Paragraph. The second paragraph is where you shall exchange information. Start it by saying what you feel or your opinion on something he said. You can also discuss here any activities you have done. Try to inform the recipient of your recent achievement or interest or pursuits.

Third paragraph. Under this paragraph you are suppose to end your letter. You can tell here your feelings about your distance and wish the recipient friend luck.

(Complimentary close) casual signing

Your name

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