Donation Letters

Foundation Donation Letter


Linkin Fred


Christian Foundation

113-S, Hill Street

New York


28th February 2012

Respected Sir,

I came to know about your foundation from a recent advertisement that has been published in Youth Next Newspaper, dated 12th February. Our Company Board of Directors had decided to donate a respectable fund to your organisation in response to your call for help for Malaria and Cancer sufferers.

Ours is the company that are believers of the fact that healthy and hygienic food is must for a disease-free body. We produce food stuff that is of high quality and rich in nutrients. Individual’s health and fitness is our utmost concern and with due reason we wish to contribute by helping Malaria and Cancer patients. Searching and exploring about your foundation, we found out it to be highly reputed and we trust that the amount that would be donated by us would be put to a worthy cause.

We wish Christian Foundation success in its accomplishments and pray that the sufferers get healthy lives.


Suzie Greg


Chill Food Company.

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