Donation Letters

Effective Donation Letter


Jones Henry


Glory Hospital

Taunton, UK

1st March 2012

Respected Sir,

I read your advertisement in Times Daily, dated 22nd February 2012 regarding donations for improving the facilities and infrastructure of the hospice. I am therefore writing this letter to show my interest for the donation of a humble amount to your charitable hospital.

Sir, the management in your hospital is largely being appreciated all over the town. During my father’s sickness, we were suffering from lack of finances. Availing your charity fund, we were able to grip the situation that time. Me and my family are so grateful to your organisation and hospitality to save the life of my father.

I am herewith enclosing a cheque of $500 with this letter for your institution. I really hope that my funds would be used to save a yet another life as it did when we in need for it.

Thanking you once again.


Susie Harry.

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