Formal Letters

Formal Letter Template


___________________ [sender’s name]

___________________ [address 1]

___________________ [address 2]

Date: ____________ [specify the letter date in dd-mm-yy format]


___________________ [recipient’s name]

___________________ [address 1]

__________________ [address 2]

Cc: ____________________ [specify the name of other recipients who is also suppose to receive the letter – Optional]


Subject: [Specify a subject line relevant to the content of the letter. Ensure to keep it precise yet succinct.]

Dear [recipient’s name],

This is to inform you that ________________________________ [enumerate the purpose behind initiating the letter in details].

I would also like to state that the _____________________________ [enumerate further details related to the purpose].

It would be highly appreciating if you kindly take the letter into consideration. Moreover, I am looking forward to _______________________________ [specify your future intention to the recipient clearly].


____________________ [name of the sender]

_____________________ [title of the sender –Optional]

Enclosures: [If any, then specify the number of documents/ pages enclosed]

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