Formal Letters

Formal Letter Example


Sheron D’silva

PPN Pvt. Ltd.

36 Trans Street

New York

17th Jan 2012

Dear Ma’am

Subject: Request for the Details of Insurance Plan

I recently came across you company’s ad, that was posted in the local newspaper dated 14th January 2012. The advertisement included a list of insurance plans being offered by your company. There were about 8 different plans mentioned in the paper. I went through them to look for the one that suits my reqirements and did find one. However, all the details about these plans were not mentioned there; your company had just shared an overview in the advertisement.

I would request you to please provide me the details of the xyz plan as I may be interested in opting for it. You may send across the details on my mail id which is If possible, please arrange an insurance agent’s visit at my place.

I hope to receive a reply soon.

Thanking you

James Dylan

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