Formal Letters

Formal Letter Format


Name [name of the formal letter recipient]

Designation [write the designation of recipient]

Address [mention the complete address of the receiver]

Date: [write the date on which this letter is being sent to the recipient]

Subject: [State a clear subject of this formal letter]

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. [write a suitable salutation for the recipient]

First Paragraph [In the first paragraph, the sender should introduce himself. The sender must clearly state the purpose behind sending this formal letter to the receiver. The sender should mention about the official documents if any that are enclosed with this formal letter. ]

Second Paragraph [This section of formal letter must portray sender’s official purpose by expressing his/ her interests. The sender can persuade the letter receiver by describing the positive side of his/ her interests in this part]

Third Paragraph [Here, the formal letter sender must end up writing that he/ she expects the timely response on his/ her input. If required, the sender can also provide his/ her contact details by writing an e-mail id and a phone number]


Name [name of the letter sender]

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