Formal Letters

Formal Greeting Letter


Mr. John Spencer

Chief Executive Officer

Spencer Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd

5th Street, Baker Market,

London, United Kingdom

March 4th, 2012,

Subject: Greetings on the Foundation day!

Dear Mr. Spencer,

On behalf of Windsor Manufactures Pvt. Ltd, I take this opportunity to congratulate Spencer Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd on the glorious occasion of its Foundation Day. I extend my warm wishes to this esteemed organization serving the mankind with its wide array of products since last ten years.

The history of Spencer Group of Companies is magnificent and today, this firm has become one of the leading suppliers of life saving products on the international platform. The company sets an excellent example to other firms and entrepreneurs around the globe. On the employment ground, your leading organization has trained many candidates and also generated millions of opportunities over the decade.

Once again, I express my sincere wishes that Spencer Group of Companies will continue with its splendid success stories in the future.

Thank you,

Diana Bowles

Managing Director, ABC Group of Companies.

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